My first exposure to poetry and painting helped me find the passion I needed to enjoy life.  After my suicide attempt at 18 I found a way to persevere and survive. Get through the next hour, get through the next day.  It was in the passion of the poetry of Walt Whitman, and the incredible imagination of painters like Van Gogh, Picasso and Dali that I found the inspiration to live with joy.

(Updated Question to make it more specfic)

What was the last  poem, song, and painting that you  enjoyed?

I spend as much time as I can in the world of the arts.  Here are a few artist I spent some time with last week.

1. Poetry

One of the best examples of love and passion are from two verses of the poem “Song” by Allen Ginsberg.

“No rest without love

no sleep without dreams of love

be mad or chill

obsessed with angels or machines,

the final wish is love”

“The warm bodies shine together

in the darkness,

the hand moves to the center of the flesh,

the skin trembles in happiness

and the soul comes joyful to the eye”

Ginsberg’s page on the Poetry Foundation site:

2. Music

I look for creativity and passion in music, more than technique.  I have been listening to a performance of  “I Remember” by Lisa Hannigan and Damien Rice.  It’s starts as a beautiful love song with the haunting voice of Lisa Hannigan, then changes to a rocking explosion of music.  Damien Rice’s words make no sense but the passion of the music stirs my soul.

Lisa Hannigan’s Wikipedia bio:

Damien Rice’s bio

3. Painting

This video from the TED Talks series demonstrates the art of Tom Shannon.

“TED visits Tom Shannon in his Manhattan studio for an intimate look at his science-inspired art. An eye-opening, personal conversation with John Hockenberry reveals how nature’s forces — and the onset of Parkinson’s tremors — interact in his life and craft.”

Tom Shannon’s web page: