Watching the Carly Fiorina “Demonic Sheep” political ad makes me wonder how stupid our candidates for office think we are.  Of course looking at some who do get elected that answer’s my question.  🙂

1) Carly Fiorina is campaigning to represent California in the US Senate.  She  run the ad below comparing an opponent, Tom Campbell, to demonic sheep.

I was reminded of another famous political ad, Daisy, that the LBJ campaign created during his 1964 Presidential race against Republican Barry Goldwater.

Vote for Goldwater and you’ll get blowed up.  Vote for LBJ and you’ll be sitting in a peaceful bed of flowers.  I did vote for LBJ and peace.  My reward, along with 400,000 other young Americans, was to get shipped off to fight, and die, in Viet Nam.

Do you think political ads have a significant impact with voters?

2) I have also been exposed to some pretty creepy commercials.

The Quizno Subway chain put out some ads featuring pirate rats singing in really creepy voices.  No, as you see below, I did not make that up.

The commercial below makes me want to scrub out my eyes and ears.

I think the only thing Smiling Bob would turn on is demonic sheep.  🙂

Proving there is some justice in life Steve Warshak, founder of the Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals that sponsored the commercials, was found guilty of fraud, sentenced to 25 years in Jail, and ordered to pay back consumers $500,000.  It is sad to think enough men paid for these male enchantment pills to generate $500,000.

What other creepy, weird commercials you have been assaulted with?