The ATSC Ltd, based in England, has sold $85,000,00 of it’s ADE-651 device to the government of Iraq to detect explosives.  In it’s training manual the company also claims the device can also detect elephants, humans and $100 dollar bills.  The ADE-651 has never passed any scientific test, it’s a scam.

In December an attack killed over 120 people after security using the ADE-651 failed to detect any explosives.  It is still apparently being used at checkpoints in Iraq.

The founder, and managing director of ATSC, Jim McCormick, has been arrested for fraud, and is now out on bail.  Who knows how many Iraq’s have dead as a result of the failure of this device.  In my view McCormick should be charged with murder, not just fraud.

What is even more tragic is that McCormick’s history of fraud goes back to at least 1995, when he was marketing his detector in the US.  He was exposed back then by the James Randi Educational Foundation, which has offered McCormick $1,000,000 if he can prove his device works.

James Randi, a retired 82 year old magician, who is one of my favorite persons on the planet.  Here is Randi’s own words on this story.

A link to a story in the Guardian:

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