What are you looking forward to in 2010?

I think I will put off paragliding until I am 80 as well.  🙂

1) I am looking forward to making many new friends this year, in both my on-line and neighborhood communities.  We can never have too many friends.  I believe one of the keys to success in life is making as many friends, and as few enemies, as possible.  Also of course putting 100% of yourself into whatever you do.

2) The other thing I am eagerly anticipating are the many scientific discoveries about how our Universe, and our bodies, work.  This body of knowledge is expanding at an every increasing pace.

It is impossible to know which finding will lead to a major breakthrough, but breakthroughs will come in time.

We will learn how to harness the energy from the sun, as efficiently, and cleanly, as a tree.

We are learning how to treat illness at the molecular level.  No more shotgun approach, killing good tissue as well as bad.  Perhaps simply turning the switch on a gene from off to on.  An unhealthy cell replicating its self as a healthy one.

3) I will also keep trying to turn everyday into a party.