This been one of the slowest weeks in blogland in this year, perhaps too much shopping and turkey.  🙂  I will put off until Monday a Bible study post.

Everyone have a great weekend.

What song(s) have you heard this week put a smile on your face or lifted your spirit., on the radio (assuming anyone still listens to the radio), on the net (Youtube, iTunes, etc) at a concert or in church.

The most talked musical perfomers(?) I read about this week were Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert.  It may be another sign that I am getting out of touch with the current music scene, but I would rather stick hot needles in my eyes that watch Lady Gaga or Adam Lambert.

Anything with the muppets in it brings a smile to my face.  I saw the following on YouTube yesterday.

The Muppets – Bohemian Rhapsody

Dancing always lifts my spirits.  One of my favorite dancing songs is Mary Chapin Carpenter – Down At The Twist And Shout.

Another classic dancing tune that is a great cure for the blues.

Steve Winwood – Higher Love