With the traditional Thanksgiving Holiday coming up here in America I’ll ask a traditional question. 

What events happened to you in 2009 that you are thankful for?

This will be my last post for the week.  I hope everyone has a healthy and happy holiday.

1) Blog buddies Papa and Mama paid me a visit in October.  We had a great lunch, and walk along Long Island Sound.

2) One of the former regulars at the shelter I work at, 4 hours a week, got a job, an apartment, and has straighten his life out.

3) I have lunch twice a month with retired friends.  It is nice to have one group of friends where I am the youngster. 🙂  Three are cancer survivors, and we have all had health issues at one time of the other.  We are thankful ever time we all make it to lunch healthy.

4) I began a Bible Study series on my blog.  All the great dialogue has helped me understand better the gudiance that has shaped society for 2,000 years.

5) I had an unexpected plumbing bill.  I was able to find a job, in this terrible recession, and payoff my bill.

I am thinkful I have had no major crisis in 2009 and will be thrilled if 2010 goes as well.