I have hijacked this topic from my blog buddy Rain’s site.  I just copied my comment to her blog.  She quotes from Craig M. Gay’s book “The Way of the (Modern) World”.  It is very thought provoking and I recommended you pay her blog a visit to read it. http://ivyrain.wordpress.com/2009/10/18/food-for-thought/

We do want it all, and we want it now.

Patience is no longer considered a virtue, and its something I have worked hard at developing all my life.

Technology is just a tool.  We decide if we use it to make our lives better, or worse.  All the nice, shiny, toys that technology produces can become very addictive.  As with all addictions we either control it, or it will control us.

Technology does have a profound effect on how we live.  The spear, and bow and arrow, turned us from prey into predators.  The discovery of agriculture changed us from nomadic, hunter gathers, into city dwellers. Information is power, and the printing press meant the ruling elite could no longer control who had access to it.  Serfs and slaves became citizens in a democracy.  All of these changes revolutionized how we live, and how we view the world.

Modern technology, the cars, computers, the cell phones, give us greater control over the life choices we make.  Our parents can no longer dictate who we marry, our jobs, or where we will live.

However all revolutions come with a price.  While we now have more freedom to make the decisions about our lives, technology has created this fast paced world, where we must make many more decisions, and make them quickly.  It becomes to easy to become a slave to technology, instead of being freed by it.

If you believe the world is becoming a worse place to live, than you will look to the past for a better answer.  You will see the garden of Eden as the perfect world.  A world we should try to emulate today, as much as possible.  God created Eden, and we need God’s guidance to make the world we now live in a better place.

If you believe the world is becoming a better place to live, than you will develop faith in what has brought about these changes.  You will believe that evolution will continue to make the world better.

I believe we humans are physically evolving to adopt to changes in our environment.  We will evolve a better brain, that we will use to create a better world.  We will make better use of the technology we develop to make the world a better place to live in.

Of course it would help if I could evolve a better brain now, but I am afraid I am stuck with the one I have.  One that has not yet evolved the patience I need to deal with all the choices technology is throwing at me.

How patient are you? 

How has your faith helped you become more patient, assuming it has.  🙂