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Blog Action Day – Climate Change

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I am more interested in a dialogue than a debate.  There is plenty of good information easily available, but I suspect we mostly read the news stories that reflect our own views.  I am biased towards believing that we need to significantly alter how we live.  If we don’t it’s future generations that will pay the price.

We can all agree that the climate will change, nothing new there.  I think we can all agree that we need to be better prepared for whatever future changes do take place.  We need to devote more resources to studying what affects the climate, and how best to reduce any significant negative effects we are having.

I don’t think anyone can predict, with a high degree of precession, exactly what the weather will be in the future.  All we have to go on is comparing current trends with the past.

All the trends I have looked at point towards a significant change in the climate. 


The last time carbon dioxide levels of the ocean were as high as they are now was 15 million years ago.


An important thing to remember is we can’t just look at the last few years.  Anything less than a 10 years period isn’t going to be that valuable in predicting a long term trend.

Whatever decisions we make now must be based on risk versus reward.  Trying to make a best guess at what is the cost of doing nothing.  How much will it cost to change how we live, in order to reduce any significant negative affect we are having.

These are tough economic times.  I don’t see how significant  government actions, whatever they are, won’t result in higher taxes.  I am less concerned about jobs.  Any changes will result in new kinds of jobs replacing old jobs.  That is the way technology works.  I personally would rather work on a wind farm, than in a coal mine.

I am encouraged in seeing that more people, and many cities, are using energy efficient products and technology.  Business is starting to recognizing the profits that can be made by “going green”.   Not the big oil companies of course.  I am discouraged by almost no progress by national governments.

 It is also understandable why many people are very skeptical.  A reasonable argument can be made that given the inability to make precise predictions about future weather, whatever action we do take must not involve tax increases, or significant lose of jobs.

When the overwhelming body of professional meteorologist, with very few dissenters, using improving technology, say that significant changes in the climate are occurring, and are likely to continue, I listen.  The risk to future generations is too great to ignore.

Now the fun part.  🙂

Do you think any changes are necessary to how we live in order reduce the negative effect man’s activities have on the climate?

Some suggestions (add any you think could be helpful).  What do you think of mine?  Yes, I am be becoming a radical socialist 🙂  At least regarding environmental issues. 

1. All cars must get at least 75 mpg within the next ten years.  Car manufactures already can build cars that can get 40-50 mpg.  New standards are being set, but are these are just no high enough to have a significant impact.

The cost won’t be that much higher if the standard was set higher.  This probably means limiting the choices car buyers will have, but so what.

2. Over the next decade we should be invest billions in mass transit.  We should starting restricting automobiles from large cities, forcing people to use mass transit.  In 25 years there should be no cars allowed in any city with a population of over 150,00(?).  I would put a tax of at least 10% on any new car that doesn’t get at least 30 mpg to help raise the money for more mass transit.

3.All new houses being built should require the best energy efficient technology available. I would give more tax breaks to anyone who improves the energy efficiency of their home.

4. I would create a flood plan zone, making the best projections 50 years into the future, and restrict homes from being built there.

I know I can think of more but it’s getting late and my brain is closing down.  Of course some of you may think my brain was turned off when I thought up these suggestions.  🙂