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In looking back at my last year’s post, on the subject of poverty, I see how nothing much as changed since than.  Every word is, sadly,  just as true now as it was than.

Blog Action Post October 2008 – Poverty

Poverty – Societies Cancer
Cancer takes the life from our bodies.  Poverty kills the spirit and hope that nourishes our societies.   If allowed to spread it’s hopelessness and despair poverty can kill the heart of any society just as effective as cancer can kill our bodies.
There is no need to look at all the facts and statistics to gauge the spread of poverty, just look into the eyes of the far too many  under nourished, homeless people we can find on a street corner in any city.  Refugee camps litter the map of the earth.  They represents the dark spots in the soul of our world.
My country, America, may be the most financially powerful country that has ever existed, with an economy measured in the trillions of dollars.  Poverty exist in America not because we lack the resources it’s that we lack the will to do enough about it. 
We walk by the homeless and pretend they don’t exist.  In American living in poverty means you are invisible.  When we become immune to the face of poverty it shows of much our hearts have hardened against human suffering.  It shows how dark our nations soul can become.  We spend a trillions dollars on cars, TV sets and designer clothes.  We don’t spend a trillion dollars to feed the malnourished or help the homeless put a roof over their heads 
There are many volunteers, and charitiable organizations, trying to help those who have difficulty putting a roof over their head, and food on the table.  I can’t think of anything that can lift a persons spirit more then to help someone.  Every time we help someone overcome poverty it helps lift our nation’s, our world’s, spirit a little higher.
If we trace back the family history of every American there is a good chance we will find an ancestor who lived in poverty.  Anyone one of us could lose our house and our job from a natural, or financial, disaster. My grandparents lived through the Great Depression of the 1930’s.  Poverty can be overcome.  There are enough success stories to prove this.  It seems to me however that increasingly poverty is becoming an acceptable part of our landscape.  We are learning to close our eyes to it.  If we continue to close our eyes to this cancer it will spread until it extinguishes the spirit that keeps the lifeblood of nation’s heart pumping.
We need to understand that when we look into the eyes of the poverty stricken, that could be us tomorrow.
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