Can it be October 6th already?  I must be having a lot of fun because time is flying by way too fast.

Let me know what you think of the following videos.

1) I posted this video on my friend Rain’s site, in a comment on her post about God’s light.  I like it so much I will re-post it here.  It’s the Van Morrison song “When God Shines His Light On Me”.  He sings it with Cliff Richard, who was one of England’s first rock & roll stars.

Van Morrison doesn’t not want his music on YouTube so the only good copy of the song, on video, I could find has nothing but pictures of babies.  I doubt even Van Morrison would complain about a video full of pictures of babies.

2) I thought I would play you some music from around the world.  

Habib Koité (b. 1958 in Mali) is an internationally-known musician.  His supporting group, Bamada, is a super-group of West African talent, including Keletigui Diabate playing the balafon.

Habib Koite “Wassiye” (Live)

3) The last video is kind of a strange one.  It’s a bit goofy but  I find the beat infectious.

Noah and the Whale actually does have a Whale in it, bass player Urbe, plus two Finks, Charlie and Doug.  The other member is Tom Hobden who plays the fiddle.

Noah and the Whale – 5 Years Time