Three more videos which I hope you will enjoy, or at least find interesting. 

One is a classic American folk song, one a hard rocking number just released (in case anyone under 30 happens to stop by), and one,uh, unique performer.  Let me know what you think of them.

1) Tennessee Ernie Ford had a TV show my family watched.  He had a #1 hit record with “16 Tons” in 1955 that I use to drive my parents crazy trying to sing in his deep voice.  They were however a lot happier with me singing Ford’s hit then with my growing love of Rock & Roll, the devils music.  🙂

From his TV show “Shenandoah”

2) A new, hard rocking number, from Porcupine Tree, released in September.  My older friends might want to turn down their hearing aids.  🙂

Porcupine Tree – Shallow

3) The next performer can best be described as unique, which may be kind.  🙂  Once you hear him you will certainly not forget his voice(?), as much as you may want to. 🙂

Tiny Tim – Living In the Sunlight  (Performed in Australia demonstrating his world wide fame)

How’s that for three completely different styles. 🙂