My blog buddy Mandyposted this video.  It’s from the Ted Talks series.  Evan Grant talks about cymatics, making sound waves visible.

The most interesting part to me was about visualizing the sonar beams that dolphins emit.  This could someday lead to having an actual conversation with a dolphin.  We may learn that Douglas Adams was right.  🙂

Growing up I was much better at communicating with my dog Buttons then I was with people.

On the site they show you how to make a cymatic rig “from commonly available parts”.  They also warn “If you’ve never attempted a home DIY project before please seek the assistance of someone who has. Preferably somebody with basic electronics skills, a decent tool kit and a garage or cellar space where you can make a mess… and a lot of noise”

I don’t know if I have the skill to make a cymatic rig, but I am very good at making a mess.

What is the most complicated thing you tried to make?  How did it go?