You know the drill.  Let me know what you think of each performance.

What is the last song you heard, beside these three of course, that got you dancing, moved your soul, or both.  🙂

1) The first song was just released on iTunes.  It’s a cover of the Jackson Five hit “I Want You Back” by the group Sonos.  Sonos is an acappella I had not heard of before. 

Sonos – I Want You Back

2)One of my favorite Christian singers is Jennifer Knapp.  She took a five year break from performing but announced last month that she will be returning to music.

Jennifer Knapp from a live performance – Whole Again

3) One of the great storytellers in music is Joni Mitchell.  I love the tale she tells of the one man band who was playing  “For Free”.

Joni Mitchell – For Free