The Mall Jungle

The Mall Jungle

My ancestors from the distant past had it easy.  All they had to deal with was killing a five ton woolly mammoth with a spear, and not getting eaten by saber tooth tigers.  Today I had to survive the jungle that is retail shopping.  🙂

My PC monitor died over the weekend.  I have been doing most of my shopping over the Internet recently, but did not want to wait the three or four days it would have taken to deliver my new monitor.  Four days is too long for me to go without my blog buddies.  🙂

I thought it would be just a 15 minute trip to the local Target, I had gone online and knew they had what I wanted.  Unfortunately it was all sold out.  No problem, I knew a Circuit City that wasn’t too far away.  Of course I had not realized they had closed up shop.  I remembered a COMP USA store a few towns away, that I had bought from in the past.  When I got there it was a Halloween Specialty store.  I was beginning to suspect it would be Halloween before I got my monitor. 🙂

I finally had to drive to a Mall about 30 miles away.  It should not have been too long a trip, except I forgot about the workday traffic.  Finally making it to the Mall I saw the first store right in front of the parking lot was a Sear.  I thought I’ll just park, hop into the store, and be one my way in no time.  Sear does not sell computer equipment anymore.  I walk from Sears  past everything but a Computer store.  The last store I got to was a Target.  Kinda felt like deja vous all over again.  🙂  This Target did not have the model I wanted, but did sell a cheaper one that had similar features.

So I bagged me a PC monitor. It only took 6 hours and about 10 miles of walking.  The young Ed would have been stressed out of his mind.  The retired Ed had a nice ride, got in some mall walking, and saved $50.

What is the last item you bought  purely for your own enjoyment?

If you were given a $1,000 gift certificate, but had to spend it only on yourself, what would you buy?