Taking a break from 48 straight hours of watching football I thought I would share some of Sunday’s comic strips with you.

Sometimes the comic strips give you a more accurate reflection on current society then the rest of the paper. 🙂 Pick the one you like best. 


Son asking his parents for help with his homework.  Son, “Who wrote A Midsummer Nights Dream?”  Father, “Elton John”.  Mother, “The Bee Gees”.

Son, “Who lead the crusades?” Father, “Which season?”.  Mother, “Joe Namath.”

Son writes down answers and goes out to play.  Father, “Is that all he learns at school, pop music and baseball?”

Grand Avenue

Mother, “How nice. I got a letter from Jan.”  Daughter, “Is she a Facebook friend?”  Mother, “Not exactly.” 

Daughter, “More of a Twitter friend?”  Mother, “Nope.” 

Daughter, “A professional Linkedin friend?  A Classmate.com friend?”  Mother, “No and No.” 

Daughter, “What kind of a friend is she?”  Mother,” A good old-fashioned true blue friend.”

Daughter, “I can’t find any social networking service with that name anywhere online.”


Man having a drink in his backyard talking to his Priest, “I know you preach that everyone should love thy neighbor.”  Priest, “That is what the Bible says.” 

Man, “Let me show you what I am dealing with.”  

Man brings the Priest to his fence to look at his neighbor.  Neighbor is wearing a Mexican hat, singing the Macarena, while hula-hooping in his underwear.

Priest,  “I’ll talk to the Bishop and maybe in this case we can bump it down to ‘tolerate thy neighbor’.”

Arlo and Janis

As light grows dark and dark grows long

Fresh winds tune up for Autumn’s song.

The woo of summer has been pitched

The chicks have flown and the nest had ditched.

If these fail herald the time that’s not

We’ve microwave, cell phone and coffee pot.

Mother Goose and Grimm.

Mother Goose’s dog and cat are sitting on her sofa.  The dog is reading the newspapers.

Dog, “Oh dear.  Some laboratory in California is raising medical marijuana.”  Cat, “So what?”

Dog, “A flock of terns landed in their garden and eat all their plants.”  Cat, “Are the birds okay?”

Dog, “There was no tern that was left unstoned.”  Cat, “I am quitting this comic strip.”

Loose Parts

A couple at the ticket booth on the updated, modern, “Tunnel of Love”

Ticket seller, “Oh it’s very realistic.  You go smoothly until you hit a wall.  Then a lawyer jumps in, takes half your boat, and swim for your lives clinging to the wreckage.”