I my wanderings around the net I found a neat project that represents the kind of imaginative, but practical, idea of how to deal with rising sea levels.  It’s basically a barge built with recycled material, designed to be self-sufficient. 

Seafaring people have lived on the water for long periods, in rafts and boats, almost since the dawn a man.  Thousands of people live on the water in many parts of the world.  The most important part of this project is the idea of living on the water and being self-sufficient. 

I don’t think the people of New York need to worry about the city sinking below the waves just yet, but it is great to see people with the vision to try and build something that is as adoptable as the Waterpod.

How difficult would it be for you to adopt to a completely self-sufficient lifestyle.

I am sure we all can do it.  I live a pretty simple life, at least compared to my neighbors, so I will guess I could adjust to the living as the people on the Waterpod hope to fairly easily.  It would not be by choice however.