For the last few weeks the 1969 concert at Woodstock has been in the news.  I read about the celebration of peace and love, which it did symbolize.  What I don’t hear anyone taking about is the drug culture the Age of Aquarius help spawn.

I was at Woodstock.  I had no desire to go but some friends talked me into it.  I did have some good times, but many of my memories are a bit fuzzy because I spent much of the time in a drug induced haze.

It was amazing that 500,000 young people could spend three days together in peace and love, with no fighting.  We also should not ignore the massive abuse of drugs that took place.

Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit

Along with the romantic ideas of love and peace, we also now have the opportunity to talk about the dark side of the drug culture.  At Woodstock all 500,000 of us were drug pushers.