I wanted to post something funny, but I could find anything.

I wanted to post some new music videos, but I couldn’t find any new songs I liked.

Scraping the bottom of my creative barrel all I could come up with is:


How much do you think you have change since you were young?

It may have taken me 60 years but I have finally developed the patience I never had when I was younger. Maybe if I had read James 1, which we discussed in my last post, I might have learned that lesson sooner. Of course since I never listened to any ones advice back then, I doubt if it would have a made a difference. πŸ™‚

I am now far more emotionally stable than at any point in my life. A manic depressive child, replaced by an raging egomaniac. That was the young me. I have never been happier with my self, and I think anyone who knew me back then would agree.

One constant is that I still enjoy spending time by myself. I am not as much of a loner as I use to be, but given the choice between a good book and a party, I’ll take the book.

I still do have character flaws, my ego resurfaces from time to time. I can still be more than a little stubborn, but I have learned to listen better. My arguments have turned into discussions. Perhaps even some of the humility that my Christian friends value so much has rubbed off on me.

One reason I see the future as better then the past is because my past was not a place I care to re-visit.

I know I will continue to change for as long as I live. That is what makes living the great adventure it is.