Immersive Dolphin Encounter Simulator

Immersive Dolphin Encounter Simulator

Apologises for feeding your brain some junk food today.  If however you haven’t had a bowel moment in a while just watch the video below a few times.

1) The Jejune Institute

“Among the broad ranging scope of discussion, a few central topics emerged to the top. Primarily; the problems of expanding interpersonal trust among fellow human subjects, how to increase general spontaneity & creativity across large populations, and how to induce mutation in the geopolitical realm. As eccentric as these topics sound, they were not based upon the bohemian movements popularized in the area at the time. They were firmly based upon solid scientific research and empirical evidence.”

Okay, I guess this “woo” falls into my Atheist/Science camp.  🙂

“Through the use of these products, coupled with meditation and study of spontaneity, benefits will include surging artistic libido, energy swell, dialectic perception, and neighborly conduct. “If the mutation is to occur it needs to be personally initiated, consciously brought about” says Octavio Colemen, Esq. “It happens on an intimate scale, in a thousand miniscule ways.”

“Surging” “libido”, “energy swell” “on an intimate scale”.  That should bring in some customers.  🙂

If Torry Hotprune (I swear that is the name on the picture) is applying the treatments I may give signing up a second thought. 🙂


One product for use is the Cyberfin platform, which is part of “Immersive Dolphin Encounter Simulator”

“The Cyberfin platform is designed for single attendant operation. Once guests are briefed and shown to the platform the attendant activates a single control. No assistance is necessary until the guest disembarks the ride. The total time required to embark, experience the standard ride, and disembark is 3 minutes, 15 seconds.”

In any exchange of intelligence between dolphins and men, it’s the dolphins who are getting the worse end of the deal.