I remember doing some finger painting as a kid, but the following performance artist bring this art form to an amazing level.  The video comes from Russia so I have no idea who this artiest is.

Update – thanks to my friend Love, in his response the artiest name is Kseniya Simonova.  She has an account on Facebook if you want to send her a message.


Do you remember trying finger painting when you were a child, or now for that matter.  🙂

Have you ever tried painting on anything other than your house?

What Wikipedia has to say about finger painting:


“Fingerpaint as an art education medium was originally formulated by the American educator Ruth Faison Shaw in Rome, Italy in 1931. After developing her expressive medium for children, Shaw devoted her attention to the therapeutic benefits of finger-painting. At the request of Carl Menninger, she taught at the Southard School at the Menningre Foundation in Topeka, Kansas, USA. Later she served as a consultant to the Department of Psychiatry at Memorial Hospital at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.. While working at Memorial Hospital, she met psychologist, John Thomas Payne. Payne became her successor in 1969 and continued her work until his death in 2000. Today Shaw and Payne’s work continues at the Shaw School and Studio in Durham, NC. Founder and director, Bryan Carey  apprenticed with Payne from 1986 – 1993. At the suggestion of Payne, Carey devoted an additional seven years to the study of Shaw as an historical figure – artist, teacher and therapist. Carey and his protege Jennifer Falchi continue the Shaw-Payne tradition by traveling and teaching their method of artistic self-expression and emotional healing to people of all ages and abilities.”

How I remember finger painting:

Finger Painting Fun

Finger Painting Fun