I received the bill from the plumbing company that installed my new toilet, and did some other work, at $135 an hour.  I don’t have the cash to pay for it, and don’t want to pay with a credit card, which would increase the cost by another 15%.

A friend of mine is a doctor.  He’s accounting records are all screwed up.  His receptionist is a hot looking babe, but she seems to think 1+1+ 3.  🙂  He needs his records straighten out, and I need money to pay my plumbing bill, so I have joined the work force once again, even it is only for about a month.

The office is only 10 minutes from my condo, so no commute.  It’s is in a very pretty setting, and industrial park surrounded by woods.  Did I mention the hot babe receptionist. 🙂

The work involves reconciling accounting record, which I enjoy.  To me it’s like solving a puzzle.

No commute, pleasant surroundings, eye candy at the receptionist desk, and work I enjoy doing.  I am really getting paid for this?  🙂  Maybe when the receptionist makes out my pay check she will still think 1+1 =3.

What is the best job you have had?

What is the worse job you have had?

What would be you dream job?