I was talking with some of my “older” friends at the beach.  They went on, and on, about how “they don’t mak’em like they use”.  The young musicians of today could touch Buddy Holly or Chuck Berry, blah, blah, blah.

Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry could really rock, but I found a video of a young guitarist who is every bit as creative as they were.

What do you think?

A performance by Kaki King at the TED conference in 2008.

From Wikipedia – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaki_King

“King was born August 24, 1979 in Atlanta, Georgia. While King was still a small child, her father encouraged her interest in music. She was introduced to the guitar first, but when she learned to perform on the drums.they became her first serious instrument. King played in bands in high school with classmate Morgan Jahnig, who would later become the acoustic bassist of Old Crow Medicine Show. Upon graduating from The Westminister Schools in Atlanta in 1998, the two friends made their way to New York University. During her time there, King adopted the guitar again after years of neglect, and the 5’1″ musician played a few occasional gigs and busked in the New York subways.”

From the subways of New York to you:

Kaki King – “Goby”

A bonus video of Eva Cassidy performing her signature song, her version of “Over the Rainbow”  She died at the age of 33, from cancer.  After her death three of her songs made it to #1 in the UK, and her songs have now sold over 8 million copies.