Enjoying poetry is one favorite pastimes.  I make sure I spend some time each day with this music for my eyes.  I do like being around people, but I could spend 24 hours a day with music, paintings and poetry.  Being retired I have more time to spend on what I want to do than most people.  It still isn’t nearly enough to get around to all the talented artiest I share my world with.

What is the last poem you read? 

How much time do you think you spend each week with poems, or books?

For my Christian friends who much time each week do you spend reading the Bible?

Today I found these are two poems:

1) A Grammar of Love by Joe Linker

I met a noun,
introduced by a comma, and
we verbed across the dance floor.

I love you, noun, I said.
Let’s get married
and have a couple of objects.

Now our objects are out on their own,
but we sit and enjoy prepositions
running all through the house.

And I still love my noun,
and we still like to verb
and dance when we get a chance.

2) Blue or Green by James Galvin (I can’t accurately duplicate the spacing between the lines of this poem)

We don’t belong to each other. We belong together.

Some poems belong together to prove the intentionality of subatomic particles.

Some poems eat with scissors.

Some poems are like kissing a porcupine.

God, by the way, is disappointed in some of your recent choices.

Some poems swoop.

When she said my eyes were definitely blue, I said, How can you see that in the dark?

How can you not? She said, and that was like some poems.

Some poems are blinded three times.

Some poems go like death before dishonor.

Some poems go like the time she brought cherries to the movies;

later a headless picnic in her bed.

Never revered I crumbs so highly.

Some poems have a perfect posture, as if hanging by filaments from the sky.

Some poems are love poems.

Some poems are better off dead.

Right now I want something I don’t believe in.

Edit – I just received another poem from Poets.org that I really like:

by Jeffrey Yang

How easy it is to lose oneself
in a kelp forest. Between
canopy leaves, sunlight filters thru
the water surface; nutrients
bring life where there’d other-
wise be barren sea; a vast eco-
system breathes. Each
being being
being’s link.