Lee Hee-ah

Lee Hee-ah

Lee Hee-ah was born with only two fingers on each hand.  She has no limbs below the knee of each foot.  She is another example of someone who use what she has, and doesn’t let what she doesn’t have stop her.  Lee learned to play the piano and became accomplished enough to perform at concerts around the world.

The next time you complain about not be able to do something, because you “only have two hands”, try it with only two fingers on each hand.

From Wikipedia:

Lee Hee-ah is a Korean pianist with only two fingers on each hand. The thumb of her left hand does not have any bones. She does not have any limbs below the knee on each foot. Her father was injured in a war and took morphine for 10 years as he was paralysed below the waist. Her mother took motion-sickness pills to deal with carsickness without realizing she was pregnant. These factors may have contributed to Lee’s birth defects. Not letting them hold her back, Lee tours the world giving concerts and moving people to tears with her ability to play pieces that would be difficult even for able-bodied pianists.”