Memorial Day is the one holiday that depresses me.  It’s is not a day for parades, or marching bands, or any kind of celebration.   It’s a day that should be spent in contemplation of brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for the country.  It should be a day spent reflecting on how we can keep from sending future generations off to die in some foreign land.

 I will spend the day putting flowers on my fathers grave.  I will pass my uncles tombstones.  They went off to fight Hitler, and Tojo, and made the world safer. 

I will also pass the graves of some fallen comrades, who lost their lives in my war, Viet Nam, where over 58,000 Americans, and over 4 million Vietnamese, Laotians and Cambodians, sacrificed their lives because of the clueless policies, regarding the world outside our shores, of leaders like JFK, LBJ and Nixon.

It seems to me we are far to willing to send our sons, and daughters, off to fight and die, without asking why.   Our leaders wave the flag, and beat the war drums, and Johnny goes marching off.  I really do hate the idea “Your country, right or wrong.”

The only meaningful way we can honour the sacrifice these fallen patriots made is to do all we can to see that future generations won’t join them.  We won’t, at least not in my lifetime.  That prospect depresses me greatly.