I had to renew my photo drivers license today.  I went to the AAA office, instead of the DMV, because it is much faster.   I had my license 15 minutes after going through the doors.

I think they use special cameras that  that will make your face look as bad as possible.  I don’t like the way I  look in any pictures  to begin with. 

My photo license is good for another six years, as I hope I will be.

Do you think your driver license photo is a good picture of you?  If not why?

I looked line the Grinch in my old photo.  In the new photo I look more like Elmer Fudd.

Should older drivers be re-tested at a certain age?

In Connecticut there is not re-testing of drivers.  I could keep renewing my license if I was 100.  I think all drivers should be retested every 10 years, every 5 years once they pass 80.