Tomorrow, April 22, is being celebrated as Earth Day in many parts of the world.  I wish that we would show respect for the planet, that witnessed our birth, all 365 days, but that is too much to hope for.

Throughout human history we seemed to have the attitude they we have dominion over the earth, and all the other living creatures we share our planet with.  This arrogance has lead us to believe that we can live as we choose, with little, or no, regard for the consequences that our actions have on the environment.

We don’t not have control over the environment.  We can affect it, and we if don’t understand the consequences of our actions it will likely lead to our extinction. 

Learning to make more efficient use of our resources is in our own best interest.  If we don’t change how we live now it is future generations that will suffer the consequences of our arrogance. 

Do you believe we need to devote significantly more resources to understanding climate change?

Do you believe that if we don’t significantly change the way we utilize our resources  now the consequences to future generation will be severe?

Would you be willing to pay more in taxes if the money was used for research into understanding what affects the environment, and for developing technology that will help us adopt to whatever changes do come?