The Internet as we know it today was born forty years ago with a memo called “Request for Comments” The RFC’s became the formal method of publishing Internet protocol standards.

A New York Times article written by the Stephen Crocker who issued that first memo:

How has the Internet affected your life? 

How much will it change the world our grandchildren will be born into?

The first thing I think of is the community of blogging, and Twitter, friends, from Australia to South Africa, I would not have meet otherwise.

The Internet is one of my great hope for building world peace.  As we communicate with people from all over the world we will realize that we all share the same hopes and dreams.  We may be able to see through the barriers that separate us, ethnicity, nationalism and religion.  

There will be disagreements but we can still learn to work together.  We can learn to resolve our difference through peaceful negotiations instead of war.

The Internet also can have a negative effect.  We might spend less time in the world we can touch and feel, and more time playing video games and keeping up with who is doing what to whom in Hollywood. 🙂

How much of a difference is there between the friendship we share with people on-line, as opposed to those we meet outside our front door? 

The young of course will embrace this technology.  Us old farts will sit back and complain about all the changes taking places.  Like women writing computer programs, instead of making our dinners like they did in the “good old days”. 🙂