A recent survey, conducted in November 2008, of over 50,000 adults, shows a 10% decline, since 1990, in the number of Americans who call themselves Christian, and an increase to 15% in the number of those with no religion.

From an article in the Christian Science Monitor on the above survey:

“Today, 76 percent of the US population call themselves Christians, compared with 86 percent in 1990, according to the third American Religious Self-Identification Survey (ARIS), released Monday by Trinity College in Hartford, Conn. Among Christians, the survey confirms that many are shedding denominational loyalties for a more generic Christian allegiance.

One in every 5 US adults chose not to identify a religious identity: 15 percent chose “no religion” and the other 5 percent declined to name one.”

A link to Trinity College for more details and where you can obtain a copy of the survey:

1) Do you agree that this trend is accurate?

I believe it is and is very likely to increase over the next 10 to 20 years.

In the next 20 years what percentage of Americans, or the country you live in, will say they have no religion:

a. 50% or more

b. At least 25%

c.15% or less

2) I have not seen any data but I also read about more church closings, and an overall decline in church attendance, at least on every other day not called Easter, or Christmas.

My perception is that in particular small Churches are having a very difficult time, losing members to “mega-Churches” (Churches with 2,000 or more members) and those simply losing their faith.

Which do you think is most likely:

a. There will be a dramatic decrease in the number of church members.

b. Church membership will decline but not dramatically.  Some church will close but others will gain parishioners.

c. There may be a short period of decline but then a revival of those joining Churches.

3) I think the more alarming trend for religious leaders is their loss of influence and whether there is a dramatic drop in the number of people who use the Bible, and God’s guidance, in their daily lives.

I would not be surprised if the majority of Americans do not read the Bible daily and do not use it, or prayer, to follow God’s guidance in their lives.

How many Americans do you think use the Bible, and prayer, to understand, and follow, God’s guidance in their daily lives?

a. 50% or more

b. less than 50%

My guess is that in 20 years less than 25% of Americans will use Scripture to guide their lives.

What is your guess?