Today is the first day in a long time that I woke up in a funk.  Totally and completely unmotivated.  This only happens to my a few days a year, the other 360 I am up and roaring to meet whatever new adventure awaits me.  Today I feel like just staying under the covers.

What gets you feeling motivated when you just don’t want to face the day? 

For my Christian friends who use the Bible what is the passage that helps you out of a funk the most?

When I visited the blog of my friend Gitzengirl (Sara).  Seeing the pictures of her companion Riley (don’t call him a dog) did bring a smile to my face. 

However then I realized I would have to actually expend energy to make breakfast, so I waited for the local Chinese restaurant to open and order enough for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  There is nothing like egg rolls and fried rice for breakfast.

I found a neat site yesterday where you can make your own Superhero. The Hero Factory  .  Today I need the superpower of unlimited energy but it wasn’t on the site.

 What superpower would you like to have?

Super Senior Ed

Super Senior Ed

Music is my antidote for everything so I will inject some into my soul through my iPod.