Disabled Surfers Association of Australia

A group working with people who have spinal cord injuries “The Life Rolls On Foundation”:



“LRO is the story of able-bodied individuals, working in concert with those with spinal cord injury, to motivate each other with the inspirational message of achievement in the face of extreme adversity. Life Rolls On utilizes action sports through our flagship program, They Will Surf Again, which pushes the boundary of possibility for those with spinal cord injury (SCI).”

Ambassador for Life Rolls On Foundation Briana Walker – http://www.brianawalker.com/ :


Briana Walker

Briana Walker

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Type of Injury: T11/T12 as a result of car accident, August 11, 2002. Driving in Orange County, Briana fainted at the wheel causing her to drive head on into the center divider pillars at 75 mph.

What Motivates You: Before my accident I waited for life to happen and let things just fall where they may. Now, I am making life happen for myself and getting the most of out every single day.

“Instead of giving up on her passion for dance, she acted on her personal mantra, “No matter what life throws at you, choose to dance anyway,” and founded the first wheelchair hip hop dance troupe with Auti Angel, a wheelchair dancer who inspired Briana.”