It is amazing that even though I am retired I still don’t have enough hours in the day to get to all the things I want to.

I really need a 26 hour day.

1) Books on my coffee table:

Dark of the Moon – by John Sanford

Swan Park – James Lee Burke

Fire to Fire (Poetry) – Mark Doty

      From “Turtle”

      What might have coiled inside it?

      Crocuses tight on their clock-springs,
      a bird who’d sing himself into an angel
      in the highest reaches of the garden,
      the morning’s flaming arrow?

      Any small thing can save you.

2) Recently purchased CD’s

Aimee Duffy – Welsh Songs (My paternal grandfather’s family came from Wales.)

Luciana Souza’s – The New Bossa Nova

Favorite song on the album Water of March

3) Unwatched TV Episodes on my DVR

Fringe, Lie To Me, Monk, House & Bones

Do you have any Books, Music CD’s, Movies or Taped TV shows that you haven’t been able to get to?

Is there anything you really want to do you can’t seem to find enough time for?