Which do you believe you spend more time thinking about, the past or the future?

My childhood was not a happy one, not one I have any desire to dwell on.  I have had many joyful experiences since then and it can be fun to reminisce with friends.  However I have no need to be reminded of that Nehru jacket I wore or the times a member of the fairer sex misunderstood my attempt to simply be friendly and deposited her drink on my face.

 I have become happier as I have got older, and view the future with optimism.  I enjoy speculating about what advances the future will bring.

If there were time machines which direction would you prefer to go, to the past or the future. 

I have no desire to live at any time in the past but would love to travel into the future,1000 years perhaps.  Of course I am very happy with my life now but it would be great to live in a time where travel to distance stars was possible.

I believe the world, overall, is a much better place now than in the past, and am confident that it will continue to evolve for the better in the future.  I don’t expect a “perfect” future, one without some form of conflict or inequity.  

New problems will replace old ones. My hope, expectation, is that there will be a world organization through which conflicts will be resolved through peaceful negotiations.  Perhaps whipped cream pies will replace guns.