1) What is the first thing you dreamed of becoming as a child?

My first dream was to be a cowboy, just like my childhood hero Hopalong Cassidy.  In 1949 The Hopalong Cassidy Show became first western television show, and the first to take advantage of television for marketing products. From  Wikipedia:

“Hopalong Cassidy was featured on the first lunch box to bear an image”  “there was a line of Hopalong Cassidy children’s dinnerware, as well as Hopalong Cassidy roller skates, Hopalong Cassidy soap, Hopalong Cassidy wristwatches, and Hopalong Cassidy jackknives.”

I owned a “Hopalong Cassidy” lunch box and eat off my “Hoppy” dinner plate every night.

2) Who was your first comic book/TV?Movie hero?


Edgar Rice Burroughs “Tarzan Of The Apes” was my first comic book hero. His only “super power” was the ability to talk with animals.  Every new Tarzan comic taught me a new world in “Gorilla”.  I also was a big fan of “Mandrake the Magician” and “The Phantom”.

3) What was the first career you trained for?

I took accounting class in high school, and that was the only career I worked in.  My first job after graduation was as a payroll clerk in Pitney Bowes, Stamford, CT.   I was drafted in 1964 and when I got back home I got a job as a bank auditor with The Fairfield County Trust Co., in Stamford, and was an auditor for the next 30 years.

The best description of an auditor I have heard was we are the guys who go on the battlefield after the fight is over and spear the wonded.  🙂

This is a very funny, at least to accountants, Monty Python skit of an account who wants to become a lion tamer: