Seeing that my blog stats need a boost I thought some nudity (talk) might get me a few more “hits”.

Of course Ian McKellen, Sir Ian in his native England, and nudity is a mental image none of us need to have, ever, in our lives. 🙂

Ian McKellen’s Wickipedia article – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ian_McKellen

The esteemed actor has won a Tony and been nominated for two Academy Awards.  He is probably better known for his roles as Gandolf in Lord of the Rings and Magneto in the X-Men films.  He will be appearing as King Lear in a British production that will be on PBS on March 25th.  In the original production there is a scene where he is nude.  So as not to offend the sensibilities of the American audience PBS has removed this scene.  This doesn’t bother Mr. Mckellan.

“If it’s a distraction of that sort, it’s not worth the candle,” he said to the Television Critics Association on Wednesday, according to The A.P. Mr. McKellen added: “Every night, when I’d take my clothes off, you know what I used to do? Pull in my stomach. That’s pathetic.”

I have been to a nude beach in Japan.  If everyone else is naked I see no reason to be trouble by taking my own clothes off.  Of course most people would probably pay me to put my clothes back on.  🙂

There is nothing more “natural” than the human body.  I don’t believe that the sight of a nude body will throw anyone into a sexual frenzy, certainly not mine, a good laugh might be more like it. 🙂

I think back to the Janet Jackson Supper Bowl incident, otherwise know as the “nipple of death”.  🙂  She could gyrate around the stage, simulating having sex, wearing very little clothing, and that is acceptable. The second her nipple get exposed everybody goes crazy.  This makes no sense to me.

On CSI autopsy scenes they will block out a nipple, vagina or penis but show the body being cut apart by a saw.

What makes the sight of the nipple, vagina or penis more offensive than people strutting around the beach in thongs, if in fact you find this offensive?

Clothes will do more to make a person look sexy than being naked.  Why is the sight of a naked body, in it’s self, harmful?

For me sexuality and nakedness are two different things.

It is the context of the situation that makes a picture, or music video, pornography, not whether or not they are wearing any clothes.

I believe there is nothing wrong with the sight of a naked body at a public beach, or in a movie, or TV show.  What those bodies are doing is what should determine whether it’s pornography.

Now if this post doesn’t pump up my stats nothing will. 🙂

An short blog in the New York Times about the King Lear production with a link to a great video of McKellen’s performance: