I started my blog at the beginning of 2008.  Blogging has been one of the most enriching experiences of my life, mostly because of all the great friends I have meet. Going over my post here are some highlights:

The search term that was used the most to get to my blog was “horse”, from a post about the horse rescue group Rerun . This was inspired by my friend Papa’s horse Amos  that he rescued.

The most personal post was My Father

From that post:

“My father did not abuse.  He never laid a hand on me.  I don’t remember him touching me at all.  He must have picked me up when I was child, I just don’t remember it happening.

He lived through hard times, the Great Depression and World War ll.  He worked six, sometimes seven days a week to pay for my mothers medical bills, she had a bad heart.  I can think of these reasons for his absence now. It was something I never thought of as a child.”

“He had a nervous breakdown several years before his death.  I spent every Sunday at his house. I saw this as my duty, an obligation.  It was not done out of love.

I was with him in his hospital room the night he died.  My last words to him were harsh. The last words he heard were not of love.  As I said when he died I felt relief.  He probably did as well.

If I could relieve one moment in my life that would be it.  It still bothers me when I think of it. Maybe I did love my father.”

If I had to pick one post however it would be the one about Dustin Carter
This is the video about him: