(Warning – Religious Rant)

The best human interest show I listen to is “This American Life”, a radio show out of Chicago whose podcast I subscribe to, http://www.thisamericanlife.org/ .

The December 5 show was about Pentecostal Bishop Carlton Pearson, of the United Church Of Christ, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carlton_Pearson .  Bishop Pearson was a portege of Oral Roberts and spoke at the White House. 

While watching a television show about famine in Africa he said he had an epiphany.  As he watch a story of hell on earth, he understood that God could not be a monster who could create a burning hell for the billions of lost souls, as his religion doctrine had taught him.

Bishop began to preach a new gospel where there was no Hell.  He was branded a heretic and lost his influence and most of his congregation.  He now preaches his “Gospel of Inclusion” at the New Dimensions Church in Tulsa. http://www.newdimensions.us/

I don’t believe in life after death, so “Hell” does not exist to me, except for the far too many examples of the man-made hell of war and famine we have created on earth.

The idea that a child, before it even takes it’s first breath, is a sinner, and if not baptized, will spend eternity in hell is one of the more monstrous ideas religion offers.

If the God that my family and friends talk about did create a Hell where billions of souls spend eternity burning, then he really would be the monster that Bishop Pearson use to preach about.