I’ll start with a question, what do you think faith is?  How does having it improve the quality of your life?  How does not having faith make living harder?

For me faith is what gives me the confidence to look forward to facing each new day.  Faith makes me confident that I can pass any test that life throws at me.  I know I won’t be completely successful in passing all these test, but I will at least survive them to one degree or another.  I know someday my life will end but since I can’t know when that day will be faith allows me to believe that I can make the most out of whatever time I have left.

In the first part of my life I lost whatever faith I had in myself, and everyone I might have believed in, my family and the God I was told to pray to.  With no faith I tried to end my life.  When I survived I made the decision that I had to find a way to make my way in life.  As I get through each new day, made more good decisions than bad ones, my confidence grew.  I gained faith in my self.  I also learned that sometimes I needed help.  Not asking for help when I need it continues to be a problem for me.  However I learned that are people in the world a lot smarter than me and if I sought their help they would help me make better decisions.  My faith in my fellow man grew, well at least in most of them.  🙂


There are still times when my faith waivers a bit, like when yet another girlfriend gives me the “it’s me not you speech”.  🙂  We humans have still not overcome war and poverty, but I see enough progress to maintain my faith in my species.

My faith is in my ability to make the decisions I need to make to survive, and thrive, in life.  That we humans will continue to evolve and make our world a better place in the future.  I can’t wait to see what each new day has in store for me, even it if is a test.