Since I have retired I get a lot less mail then I use to. My cousin Inga, the cat lady, gets more mail in one day than I get in a week, maybe a month.

Since I no longer have the money to buy lots of stuff I don’t get all the catalogs like I use to. I also don’t get bills because I have set up all my monthly payments as direct charges to my checking account.

I have noticed a somewhat disturbing trend in advertisements of “Assisted Living Facilities”, we use to call them old folks homes. 🙂 I am be a little older but I can still manage to get to the bathroom all by myself.

In the last week I have received two adverts from funeral homes. I hope it wasn’t my doctor who put me on their mailing list.

I also got notices from the two banks that I have credit cards with increasing my credit limit to about 5 times more than my current income. If I maxed them out I might be able to pay them off in 50 years. What is this credit crisis I keep reading about?

Just today I was invited to join the “Phillips Club”, a luxury residence club where members get a one-eight interest in an apartment owned by the club. “Worry-free enjoyment of an elegant Manhattan residence” Starting at $210,000 for a one-eight interest in a studio apartment. It would only take me about 100 years to pay that off. I sure would like to know how my name got on that mailing list. Of course that is cheap compared to the hotel room I read about in the New York Times that only cost $30,000 a night.

Have you received anything interest in the mail, at least that you can talk about. 🙂