Science fiction is becoming science fact. If you haven’t seen it already below is a video of forty-nine year old Yves Rossy, former military pilot, who strapped four four kerosene-burning turbines to his back (Glider), jumped out of airplane, turned the jets on and flew 22 miles across the English Channel to Dover, England. His top speed was 125 mph and the flight took just 10 minutes. The wing had no rudder or tail fin, so Mr Rossy had to steer it using his head and back. As well as a helmet and parachute, he wore a special suit to protect him from the four kerosene-burning turbines mounted just centimetres from him on the wing.

If a jet pack was built and tested to be safe, and you could afford it, would you consider buying one? I would love get one and be able fulfill my boyhood dream of flying like superman, except for the part about actually flying over the ground.