As I was driving into town today and I passed a guy by the side of the road. He is there everyday. He smiles and waves at every car that goes by. My neighbors tell me his name is Petey. They say he is “retarded”, their word.

Petey is very focused on his job, making people smile. On rainy days I have seen him out there with an umbrella. He is very good at his job, I now wave back, as I know many of the other drivers do. If everyone was as good at their job as Petey is at his the world would work better.

All of Petey’s brain cells may not be working, but since he spends his day smiling I think all the important ones are. I would not trade places with Petey, but then he has no reason to want to trade places with me.

If everyone was a little more like Petey the world would be a better places.

Excuse me while I watch bunch of people, called politicians, who I think may be a lot more “retarded” than Petey.