I have had fun this holiday weekend visiting each of me five nieces.  I am heading out the door for a barbecue right now but thought I would drop in and post about some political news that may have decided who I will vote for in November.  I know boring politics.  I will try to post about something more interesting tomorrow.
The issue in picking Palin for VP is that she is not qualified to be President.  The VP has one job, to step in when there is a crisis, when the President has died.  This requires someone with at least some experience with how Washington politics works.  Palin was mayor of a town with a population of 8,500 and is in only her second year as governor.  Alaska with its oil revenues and low population is the easiest state budget to manage, and she hasn’t proven, as yet, that she could do that job.
I do not want a President who requires on the job training.  She may be a great leader or completely incompetent, no one has a clue, and that is too much of a risk to take with someone “a heart beat” away from being President.
If McCain had picked any of the Republicans in Congress that would be acceptable.  To go from being the mayor of a small town to President makes for a great movie, but that is not how it works in the real world.
Palin has some experience as a broadcaster, and fought the political establishment in Alaska and won. She is probably a great campaigner and may help McCain in that regard.  Palin will help McCain with the Conservative Christian’s, but they were going to vote for him anyway.  However in having the poor judgment to pick someone with so little experience as his VP running mate McCain may have lost my vote.
I was leaning towards Obama because I agree with him more on the issues, about 55% to 45% for McCain.  In terms of leadership I give McCain the edge, or I use to.  This is the only instance I can remember where the choice for VP running mate makes a difference to me.