I am very lucky to have reached a point in life where I can spend my time on things I like to do, instead of what I have to do, like “work”.  When my father and grandfather retired they pretty much spent their days sitting in their rocking chairs and watching the world go by.  I get to spend my days with my friends at the beach, park and senior center, and my nights with my blogging buddies.  The whole world is at my finger tips through the Internet.
There are still some activities that have always been important to me that I have spent little, or no, time on this summer.  I have not read a single new novel.  I have not listened to any of the new artist who released songs this year.  More importantly I have not keep up with new science research or events happening in the world.
My faith for the future rest in evolution and for me not keep informed of new science research is akin to a Christian not reading the bible.  Two weeks ago I picked up one the the most important books about evolution, “The Panda’s Thumb” by the late Stephen Jay Gould.  I have only made it to page 113.  I don’t want to just read the book.  I make notes on interesting points and do research.  I usually spend days just research my notes and in two weeks I have only spent a few hours on this important book.  There have been too many ground breaking science news stories this year that I have not spent any time on.
I always prided my self on being an informed voter, something I can no longer claim to be.  I do read the political news that makes the headlines, mostly the other guys is an idiot vote for me, but that is not nearly enough.  Events in Pakistan and Russia may be more significant in the long run than Iraq.
If I don’t write post for my blog, or my comments on the blogs of my friends I hope you will understand that there are areas important to me, science, politics, music, books, that I have been neglecting and need to spend more time on.
I will continue to be a part of the blogging community, it’s too much fun and I have learned a great deal, but I will be devoting more time to these other areas that are also important to me.  I feel very lucky to have the time to do both.