Mark Goffeney was born with out arms.  That did not stop him from learning how to play the guitar.

John Bramblitt went blind before he discovered how to paint.

The limitations we set in life are mostly those we impose on ourselves.

Mark Goffeney (born 1969) is an American musician from San Diego, California known as “Big Toe” because, being born with out arms he plays guitar with his feet. He is lead guitarist and vocalist for the ‘Big Toe’ band and played the principal role on Fox Television’s Emmy nominated commercial ‘Feet’.

Drift Away
John Bramblitt  became blind gradually, possibly due to a seizure disorder. He didn’t realize how bad his vision had become until he was past legally blind. Bramblitt never painted before he lost his sight. He admits it “seemed a way of shoving my disability right back in the face of God, or nature, or whatever.” Now a graduate of the University of North Texas, Bramblitt is set to attend Toulouse School of Graduate Studies.
Self Portrait