What do you think a day in Heaven could be like.  I mean besides being with God and every one you loved who was “saved”.
Let’s say some miracle happens and God makes his presences known to me.  I win the powerball lotto.  I win a free lifetime supply of gasoline.  I get an X-rated Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Calendar, no, wait that’s the other guy.
What would my days in Heaven be like?  Should I pack my swimsuit?  Should I bring my cool Calvin and Hobbes t-shirt?  Should I bring my leisure suit, no that’s probably what they wear down in the other place.  What do kind of clothes do people in Heaven wear anyway, robes?
Are pets allowed in Heaven?  I know Papa would really miss Amos.  If pets are allowed should I bring a pooper-scooper?  Are their toilets in Heaven?  Are cats allowed, no that would have to be the other place for me.

Is there music in Heaven?  Van Morrison flowing “Into the Mystic”? Eva Cassiday singing about the “Songbird”?  A Vanilla Ice concert, no then I would know for sure I was in the other place.

Would my every wish be fulfilled?  If MY every wish was fulfilled, like all female angels had to wear Victoria”s Secret lingerie, then I definitely would windup in the other place.

I would like to hear some of your ideas.