Seventy-two years young, Wavy Gravy holding court at his circus camp for kids.

Wavy Gravy (born Hugh Nanton Romney on May 15, 1936) is a life-long activist for peace and personal empowerment, best known for his hippie appearance, personality, and beliefs.  I can’t think of a cooler guy on the planet.

His parents knew Nobel Prize winning physicist Albert Einstein who once held his hand and took him for a walk around the block when he was small.  At one time he shared an apartment with singer-songwriter Tom Paxton in Greenwich Village and Romney was one of Bob Dylan’s earliest friends in New York CIty.  The blues guitarist B.B.King gave him the name ‘Wavy Gravy”.
Wavy founded a commune, the Hog Farm Collective.  They were hired to help organize the Woodstock Festival in 1969.  When asked by the press — who were the first to inform him that he and the rest of the Hog Farm were handling security — what kind of tools he intended to use to maintain order at the event, his instant response was “Cream pies and seltzer bottles.”

Today, the Hog Farm is still in existence, with various locations including a headquarters in Berkeley, CA and a 200+ acre farm in Laytonville, CA, known as Black Oak Ranch.  Black Oak Ranch is also home to Wavy Gravy’s performing arts camp for children, Camp Winnarainbow.

Wavy founded the Seva Foundation in 1978.  Seva, based in Berkeley, CA, is an international development organization dedicated to ending poverty around the world.

Wavy Gravy is also the co-founder (along with his wife) of Camp Winnareinbow, a circus and performing arts camp. The camp emphasizes experiential learning by urging campers to try new skills. The camp also teaches how to be a positive influence to the community.
Have you ever been to summer camp?  Have you ever been a camp counselor?
If you have it is hard for me to see how you could have had as much fun as Wavy, 72 years young, and his kids.