Once a week I drag my butt of of bed and drive down to the local beach to watch the sun rise over the ocean.  In that moment when the sun’s brilliance peeks over the water I think of all the people, all over the world, who watch that same sun rise over their ocean.  I feel a connection to everyone and everything.  My spirit and soul is revitalized.
Church cathedrals are beautiful places.  At the end of my daily walk around town I make two stops.  Because I am 65 one stop is the restroom in the Town Hall.  🙂  The other is at a local church.  They have a beautiful little chapel which is always open.  I sit back, clear my mind, and just let my thoughts flow freely across my brain.  That also restores my soul.  I always have a smile on my face when I leave.
I go to two church services a year, at Christmas and Easter.  I get to share in the love express by my neighbors as they honor their God.  That restores my spirit.
Question – When was the last time you could really feel your soul and spirit soaring?
Another thing that restores my spirit and soul is music.  I’ll leave you with my favorite uplifting song, “Wonder” by Natalie Merchant.  I have posted this video several times.  I just can’t hear this song enough.