My perception is that when someone says they find the guidance they need to live in the Bible it’s not the words themselves that is providing this guidance, but the presence of their God that is directing them, in some way, to the passage(s) they need.
I read the Bible a lot as a teenager, looking  for the guidance I needed to get me through my trouble youth.  I never felt the presence of God and the Bible did not help me.  I turned to other books which helped me understand why I felt the way I did and gave me the information I need to learn how to make my way through life.
My inspirations were Buckminister Fuller, Henry David Thoreau and Charles Darwin.
A question for my Christian friends – when did you first read the Bible and sense the presences of God guiding you?
A question for everyone – Who provided you with the inspiration you needed to choose your walk in life? (for my Christian friends I mean someone other than Jesus or God)