Some yummy treats found on the net.
What unusual food combinations have you tried?
What unusual food combinations can you think of?
1. Mash Cone
A Mash Cone consisting of sausage, mash potato, gravy and peas in an ice cream cone has been invented.

“From Aunt Bessie’s web presence and the traditional kind of British food she’s known for, like steak pies, home-style chips, and baked apple pie, you wouldn’t think she’d become a trendsetter in the food arena. But she has created the United Kingdom’s first main course on an ice cream cone — the Banger and Mash Cone.

Aunt Bessie’s is actually a British company that produces prepared, packaged, ready-to-heat-and-eat foods. They are homey, comfort foods. Wel l, someone at Aunt Bessie’s apparently got the idea to make the Banger (sausage) and Mash (mashed potatoes) Cone, because there was a decline in the amount of ice cream consumed in the recent summers… a decline, it is theorized, come about due to the colder, wetter, summers in Britain.”

2. Deep Fried Coca Cola  – From Wikipedia
“Fried Coke is frozen Coca-Cola-flavored batter which is deep-fried and then topped with Coca-Cola syrup, whipped cream, cinnamon sugar, and a cherry. It was introduced by inventor Abel Gonzales, Jr., at the 2006 State Fair of Texas, where it won the title of “Most Creative” in the second annual judged competition among food vendors. It proved very popular in Texas, selling 10,000 cups in the first two weeks, and is now being adopted as a snack by fairs in North Carolina as well as Arizona. It is also very popular in California.

Fried Coke is estimated to have 830 calories.

3. Maple Bacon Lollipops

“We feel pretty safe in saying that we’re the first people to ever make a bacon-based lollipop. And not just any bacon, either- we use sustainable, organic, cured bacon- we kinda felt that it went well with the pure Vermont maple syrup we were using as a base, you know?”

4. Pizza Beer

“Pizza Beer” was developed Labor Day, 2006 by Tom and Athena Seefurth in our home brewery in Campton Township, IL. It all started with a surplus of tomatoes, a bag of garlic & an idea that started early in the spring when we planted our garden herbs.

The goal was to create a beer that would pair with a wide variety of foods, especially our favorite, Pizza! In the end, we were pleasantly surprised that this “mess” turned out to be the best thing since the guy with chocolate that bumped into Ralph Mouth & mixed up the chocolate with the peanut butter! Indeed, the world will love “Pizza Beer”.

5. Caffine Enriched Donuts & Begals

“Caffeine! We have learned how to make caffeine tasteless by microencapsulating small particles of caffeine with an edible, tasteless coating to create Encaff™. Caffeine is a very bitter substance that is heavily masked for use in soft drinks. The Encaff™ product allows one to add caffeine to products without altering its taste or texture, which leads to new and exciting new products like the Buzz™ donut and Buzzed™ bagel.”

The source of the above food list was the Pop Siren podcast: