Is this the face of America’s next movie heroine?
Today’s New York Times has an article about a movie schedule for a July 2nd release, based on the one of the dolls in the “American Girl” collection, Kit Kittredge.  With adult women, and a few husbands and boyfriends dragged along with them, having poured $99,000,000 into the movie coffers to see “Sex and the City” the studio that made “Kit”, Picture house, hopes their picture will be as successful with the younger audience.  Kit is rated G.
From the article:

“Kit,” which cost about $10 million to produce, stars Abigail Breslin (“Little Miss Sunshine”) and features an ensemble that mingles unknown child actors with adult pros like Julia Ormond, Stanley Tucci, Chris O’Donnell and Joan Cusack. Set in 1934, it tells the story of a Cincinnati girl w ho is trying to get the local newspaper to take her seriously as a reporter, even as her family and just about everyone else struggles with the Great Depression.”

“In the toy world, American Girl’s characters — “they never refer to them as ‘dolls,’ ” Bob Berney, the president of Picturehouse, said in an interview last week — are unusual in that they come with detailed story lines, from various eras, delivered in books that accompany each figure.

Kit Kittredge, spunky and a bit confused by the economic crunch around her, has been the central character in a half-dozen titles that have contributed to the sale of some 120 million books since the company was founded in 1986, said Ellen Brothers, American Girl’s president and a producer of the film.”

Not having children and not being around children I  have never heard of the “American Girl” doll series.  Of course being a boy I never played with dolls, we called them “action figures”.  I did share many adventures with my “authentic”, replica, Hopalong Cassidy astride his faithfull horse, Topper, .   I also knew a girl who liked to play “doctor” but that’s another story.  🙂
I hope the modern day version of dolls like Barbie come with a miniaturee briefcase, laptop or stethoscope.  Of course “Christian” Barbie needs her bible.  🙂
What dolls, or action figures, did you play with as a child?
What dolls, or action figures, do your children, or nieces and nephews, play with?
Did you, or do you plan, to see “Sex In The City”, either in the theater or when it comes out on DVD.
Do you plan to take your children to see “Kit Kittredge: An American Girl” when it comes out? 
The story line does sound interesting, so I might rent it when it comes out on DVD.